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Please call if you have any questions or want to order (415) 474-3628 or (800) 570-0057
If you have any questions feel free to call: (415) 474-3628 or (800) 570-0057
EP-560 Sport
Limited Time Introductory Special Offer
Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Sport Inversion Table
$419.00 Includes FedEx Shipping, Head Pillow, Instructional DVD,
Acupressure Nodes, Lumbar Bridge, Laminated Owner’s Manual
$419.00 To Your Door - Limited Time Offer
Please Note: The EP-560 Sport is an excellent table, however most people don't need Gravity Boots and if you don't want to have to reach down to your shoelace level to lock and unlock your ankles, you may want to take a look at the Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table - It has the Easy-Reach-Handle that comes up near the knees, and has some other excellent features. The Teeter EP-950 is also a great choice. With the EP-960 you will also receive the free extras of the Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge.
EP-560 Sport
EP-560-Series Inversion Tables enhance the user experience to achieve the ultimate in joint and back pain relief through precision balancing, patented stretch grips (hand holds top sides of the bed) and an innovative bed design that accommodates pressure point nodes, lumbar arch and decompression accessories. Take inversion to the next level with best-rated and most customizable inversion table on the market. In just a few minutes a day, achieve a natural stretch to help improve the health of your spine and joints, increase flexibility, and build strength with inverted exercises.
EP-560 Sport Teeter EP-560 Sport
EP-560 Sport Inversion Table
Independent Quality-Assurance Tested to Highest Safety Standard: Voluntary compliance to UL’s inversion table safety standard makes Teeter Hang Ups? the only inversion brand with certified quality.
Rated #1 Inversion Table: Teeter Hang Ups outlasts and outperforms the competition in product evaluation tests. Rated by Dynamark Engineering as the best inversion table for endurance, strength, rotation control, and ease of assembly.
ComforTrakTM Bed: Built for the benefits with a pressure-reducing design that maximizes comfort and flexes with the user to enhance joint mobilization. Its innovative “track” design accommodates the optional Adjustable Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge accessories (sold separately).
Optimum Decompression Surface: The smooth surface reduces friction, allowing the body to slide and achieve the optimum decompressive stretch.
No Tear, No Stain Construction: The ComforTrak Bed is more durable than typical nylon or vinyl beds vulnerable to wear and tear. The easy-to-clean surface ensures pristine appearance over years of use.
Adjustable Head Pillow: Soft foam pillow can be moved or removed for your comfort needs. ? Grip-and-Stretch Handles: The ComfortTrak bed and A-frame both feature built-in inversion
grips for added stretching and decompression.
Ergo-EmbraceTM Supports: Pressure-reducing specialty foam cups surround the ankles, distributing body weight comfortably around the foot and heel. This design greatly reduces ankle discomfort to allow for a relaxing and secure user experience.
Ankle Comfort DialTM: The foot platform design dials up or down for smaller or larger feet, allowing a comfortable and secure fit for the ankle clamps.
Precision Balancing: Compared with competing brands, engineering tests have shown that Teeter inversion tables are the most precisely balanced. The superior design allows controlled oscillation with minimal effort, promoting fluid movement in the joints, and allows secure lockout in full inversion for advanced exercises and stretching.
Pre-set Rotation Control: The adjustable or removable tether strap allows you to easily pre- determine your maximum angle of inversion.
Stable Base (and added floor protection): Corner feet increase the A-frame base by 20%, and reduce sliding on hard surfaces. The heavy-duty steel frame base features raised grips for enhanced stretching and decompression.
Unique and Patented Security Features: Auto-locking hinges, cam locks, and heat-treated steel parts create a product that is more secure and more reliable.
Smooth, Quiet Rotation: Specialized pivot bearings ensure a lifetime of squeak and rattle-free rotation.
Stretch Assist Handles: Large steel grips feature over-molded plastic with an embossed angle guide.
High Quality Finishes: Features scratch-resistant powder coating and heat-treated steel. ? Easy Assembly: Arrives 85% pre-assembled with less than 1⁄4 the average number of parts of
other inversion tables; includes tools for assembly.
EZ-UpTM Gravity Boots - Provide maximum comfort and support for the ankles. Comes complete with Gravity Boots and Conversion Bar for converting the inversion table
EZ-StretchTM Traction Handles – Provide added benefit for inverted stretching and decompression, as well as an effective tool for oscillation
EZ-AngleTM Tether – Allows pre-set angles at 20, 40 or 60 degrees for an easy guide to where the benefits of inversion begin and are fully realized
Quick Storage: Folds in just a few seconds to 20" x 28.75" x 66" (50.8 x 73 x 167.6 cm).
Value Added: Comes with a laminated Owner’s Manual attached to the frame for quick- reference and an Instructional DVD to guide you through assembly and use.
Bonus Healthy Back DVD Content: FIVE 10-15 minute Healthy Back exercise and stretching classes by Dr. Shawn, including Good Morning (wake up and warm up your spine), Strength & Stretch (build your core muscles), Posture Correction (look better and function better), Gym Ball (a specialized core building class), and Inversion Table (to receive the maximum benefits from your Teeter Hang Ups).
5-Year Warranty: Unparalleled in the industry; covers all components.
Customize: Teeter Hang Ups offers the only inversion tables on the market that can be modified with accessories (sold separately):
Acupressure Nodes - Included Free – “Buttons” in two sizes and two densities insert anywhere along the ComforTrakTM slots, providing healing pressure for the supporting muscles of the spine
Lumbar BridgeIncluded Free - Designed to enhance the decompression and alignment benefits of inversion; provides a point of support that helps to focus traction on the lower back
Vibration Cushion with Heated Neck Pillow – 10 vibrating motors and two heaters help increase circulation and relax muscles for a more therapeutic inversion experience

Product Specifications
Height capacity: 4’8” - 6’6" (142 – 198 cm)
Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
Assembled non-use dimensions: 60” x 28.75” x 58.5” (152.4 x 73 x 148.6 cm)
Assembled in-use dimensions: 84” x 28.75” x 86” (213.4 x 73 x 218.4 cm)
Packaged dimensions: 48.23" x 30” x 6.5” (122.5 x 76.2 x 16.5 cm)
Product weight: 67 lbs (30.39 kg)
Warranty: 5 Years

Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Pillow
A Wonderful Addition to your inversion table $99.00 free shipping
Ten vibrating motors and two Far Infrared heater help increase circulation and relax muscles for a more complete inversion experience. Five modes - you can control intensity and speed. About fifty different choices. The Far Infrared heateer is in the pillow that acts as a neck support.

Note the position of the
infrared heat lights under the
trapezius muscles. The neck
is in decompression.
Please Note
Our return rate on inversion tables is near zero. People love them and get wonderful results. Our return rate on the Vibration Cushion is about 5%. Most people are happy with the mat, some are not. Some people find they prefer using the Vibration Cushion on their couch or bed. The inversion table experience is so rich that they want to pay attention to what is happening to their body and don't want the distraction of the Vibration Cushion. Others tell us the neck pillow does not fit their necks well. This complaint is most likely because the pillow is not being used as designed. The infrared lights are meant to go under the trapezius muscles so it puts the neck in a state of decompression.
Please read the Refund Policy below before you purchase the Vibration Cushion.

Features 10 vibration massage motors with variable intensity - waves of relaxing vibration work to temporarily improve circulation and help relieve tired and aching muscles
Tapping, Up & Down, Wave, All Motors and Random settings. More that 50 comfort adjusting variations.
Remote control with LCD - allows user to target zone, speed, intensity and optional heat at the touch of a button.
Neck arch support - supports the neck in a gentle arch to restore curvature and to achieve greater decompression of this area while inverted; can be used in conjunction with the vibration cushion or alone as additional support
2 Far Infrared heaters, embedded in the neck arch support - positioned to target the upper back and shoulder area to deliver warming, deep heat that relaxes the muscles and helps to stimulate surface circulation
2 Year Limited Warranty
Click here to see more about the Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Pillow:

Hang Ups F5000

One of the Best Nutrition Companies in the World
Regain your youthful energy and health. Our food supply is lacking
in the 90 essential nutrients our bodies need. Formulated with the
assistance of world renowned nutritionist, naturopath, research
scientist and doctor of veterinary medicine, Dr. Joel Wallach.
Rebuild your joints, cartilage, discs and general health.
Weight Loss
Inversion Table
Replacement Nylon Canvas Bed
Cover for Teeter Inversion Tables

Available in Rectangle and Tapered
Inversion Table
The Best We Have Found

Free USA 48 and Canada Shipping
Give yourself the therapeutic benefit
and pleasure of a great massage!
Super Bright Tactical LED Flashlight - 250 Lumens
$22.00 - As Low As $18.00
Military - Police - Work - Home - Auto - Survival
You will rarely ever need a brighter light!
Inversion Table 

ThaiSmai Shin Guards with Instep Protection
Kick Boxing's Best Shin Guards
100% Top Grain Leather

Used mostly in martial arts they are also
used in fast pitch softball and other sports.

Inversion Table
Vibration Cushion with Neck Pillow
Available for EP Series,
F9000 and GL9500 Inversion Tables
Free FedEx Shipping

Inversion Table
Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table
Flex Technology
Free FedEx Shipping and DVD
Inversion Table
EP-560 Sport
Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Sport Inversion Table
Flex Technology
Gravity Boots + Traction Handles - EZ-Adjust Tether Strap
+ Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Pillow - $518.00

Free FedEx Shipping and DVD
Inversion Table
Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table
Flex Technology
+ Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Pillow - $498.00
Blemished - Refurbished $379.00
Free FedEx Shipping and DVD
Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups Power VI GL Motorized Inversion Table
The Bests f Commercial Quality Inversion Tables
Free Shipping
Elegant Beautiful and Easy To Use - Commercial Inversion Table

Inversion Table
Gravity Boots

Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots
Free USA Shipping
World Wide Shipping

Inversion Table
Gravity Boots
Inversion Table
Teeter Hang Ups Cobra XL Gravity Boots
Free USA Shipping
We Ship World Wide
Inversion Table
Adapter Kit - Teeter XL Cobra Gravity Boots & CV Bar
The CV Bar (Conversion Bar) is an adapter to be able to use
Gravity Boots
with the Teeter Hang Ups F5000, F6000, F7000, F8000 or EP-550 Inversion table
XL Boots for Large Ankles and Calves
Inversion Table
Teeeter Inversion
Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots & CV Bar - Adapter Kit
The CV Bar (Conversion Bar) is an adapter to be able to use
Gravity Boots
with the Teeter Hang Ups F5000, F6000, F7000, F8000 or EP-550 Inversion table

$109.00 +
Free Shipping = $109.00
Inversion Table
Gravity Boots
Special Adapter Kit for the EP-950 and EP-960
Main Shaft with Gravity Boots + CV Bar

Allows you to swap out the EP-950 Main Shaft and put in an alternate
Main Shaft with the CV Bar so when you want you can use this
table with Teeter Gravity Boots
$239.00 +
Free Shipping = $239.00
Inversion Table
CV Bar
Teeter Hang Ups CV Bar (Conversion Bar)
The CV Bar (Conversion Bar) is an adapter to be able to use
Gravity Boots
with the Teeter Hang Ups F5000, F6000, F7000, F8000 or EP-550 Inversion table
CV Conversion Bar
EZ-Up Rack
Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Inversion Rack
$99.00 + Free FedEx Shipping - Total = $99.00

Inversion Table
Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Inversion System
EZ-Up Inversion Rack & Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots
Includes Instructional DVD
$179.00 +
Free FedEx Shipping - Total = $179.00
Inversion Table
P3 Portable Back Stretcher
Formerly Lynx Portable Back Stretcher
Easily folds into a compact size for storage and transportation!
This item is Currently Not Available
DEX II • decompression & extensionTM
$369.00 - Free Shipping
Refurbished - $349.00
Inversion Table
DFM Treatmemnt Table
DFM Inversion Medical Treatment Inversion Table
Patients can lie prone or supine for treatment.
Hang Ups F5000
Roller Hinges - Pivot Arms For Teeter Inversion Tables
Hang Ups F5000
Roller Hinges + Traction Handles
Hang Ups Video
Teeter Hang Ups F5000 Inversion Table - Instructional Video
Table orders include the DVD.
Video can be purchased separately:
$16.95 + $5.95 Shipping = $22.90
Inversion Table
This or a Similar DVD is Included When You Purchase a Teeter Inversion Table
Hang Ups Inversion Table - Instructional DVD
BONUS: Healthy Back Classes with Dr. Shawn
Table orders include this DVD
$12.00 + $4.50 Shipping = $16.50

Inversion Table
Back Book
'Better Back Better Body' - Book
    This is one of the finest books available on gravity traction.
It includes graphics, photos, exercises, research studies & much more.
This is a general book about inversion therapy and not
specifically oriented towards exercises or using an inversion table.

$18.50 Free USA Shipping
Order today & have your book in about 2-7 days
Inversion Table
Back Book
$24.50 + $10.00 DVD - total = $34.50
Order today & have your Book & DVD in about 2-5 days
Inversion Table
Arthritis Book
 'Arthritis, Rheumatism & Osteoporosis
Correction Through Nutrition' - Book

by Dr. Bernard Jensen
This is one of the finest books available on the subject. It includes
graphics, exercises, diets, personal stories & much more!

Ruger BX1 Magazine - Impact Resistant Plastic
Protection Case for Ruger BX-1 Magazines Takedown Rifle

Holds 10 Ruger 10/22 BX-1 or Ruger SR-22 Rifle Rimfire Magazines
Fits Ruger Takedown Bag Pockets - Holds 700 22LR

$14.00 + $4.00 Shipping
Inversion Table
22LR or 380 Caliber Magazine Wrap
This high quality water resistant double layer padded nylon wrap
is an excellent way to organize and protect 7 - 22LR or 380 metal
magazines. The elastic holds them tightand it folds easily to fit into
a gun bag. Instantly folds out for easy access.
Inversion Table


Use your table for a full 30 days from the date you receive it to be sure it works for you.
Very very few inversion tables are returned to our company. Even though we sell to a very high percentage of people suffering with back problems our return rate is less than 1/2 of 1 percent. This is less than one table returned in 200 sold. Most people love their inversion tables and tell us they wish they had purchased an inversion table many years ago. Often when returned the table was never even taken out of the box. The person was advised by their physician not to use the table and they followed this advice. Please read: Why do some doctors advise against inversion therapy?
Our policy is to try to ship immediately - usually between 1-2 business days from receipt of order.
Orders may ship the same day as received. This is the fastest possible shipping and we make every effort to expedite your order. We ship from several locations throughout the USA and if possible will ship your item from the warehouse closest to you.
Items take from one day to one week from date of shipping to make it to you.

Special Low Risk Inversion Table Return Policy
Any inversion tables purchased will have the standard 30 day trial period from the date you receive your order. If for any reason a return is requested you will not be charged the shipping cost to you. Your only cost will be the expense to ship the table back. If you believe you may want to return the table please notify us before the 30 days has past and we will issue a Return Authorization # and instructions for returning the table. Please Note: Our return rate is near zero. If used properly, people love their tables.
For the Power Tables including the Power VI and DFM there is a $200.00 shipping/handling fee if returned.

For purposes of the Free Shipping Special Offer:
Boots shipping and handling are assumed to be $15.00.
If returned there is an $10.00 service/restocking charge.
Gravity Boots shipping and handling are assumed to be $15.00.
If returned there is an $10.00 service/restocking charge.
EZ-Up Rack and Inversion System if returned
service/restocking charge is $35.00.
Traction Handles shipping and handling are assumed to be $12.00.
If the Adapter Kit -
If returned buyer is responsible for shipping costs both directions.
Gravity Boot and CV Bar combination are ordered separate from
the table and returned shipping/handling/restocking - $25.00.
Special Adapter Kit for the EP-950 -
If returned buyer is responsible for shipping costs both directions.
Shipping/handling/restocking - $50.00.

Herbal Pillow - Full refund minus shipping cost and return shipping - $20.00 efunded.
Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Pillow - If returned buyer is responsible for shipping costs both directions.
If there is a problem with your item it will be taken care of at no cost to you.
For purposes of the Free Shipping Special Offer:
Vibration Cushion shipping/handling/restocking are assumed to be $20.00.
If Table, Gravity Boot and CV Bar combination are returned shipping is assumed to be $68.00. Service/restocking charge is $15.00.
For any items returned that are not specifically mentioned buyer is responsible
for shipping/handling both directions and a 10% service/restocking fee.
Free shipping offer for table is for Continental 48 U.S. only.
Please contact us for other rates.
P3 - Lynx -
If returned or refused buyer is responsible for shipping costs both directions and a $12.00 restocking fee.
TapTech Massager - 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee - shipping/handling/restocking are assumed to be $15.00.
If returned buyer is responsible for shipping/handling costs both directions.
If there is a problem with your item it will be taken care of at no cost to you.
If item is canceled after being paid but before shipped there is a 8% processing charge incurred.
Please understand if you place an order and then the next day change your mind we have already incurred substantial costs. We process your order very quickly which requires labor, paperwork, credit card fees and other expenses. Your receipt is printed and any literature is packaged. Your order is further sent to the shipping department where a whole series of other processes are put into place. If you cancel, more time and labor is involved to stop all the processes that were put in place when your order was placed. Further, refunding your payment incurs additional credit card and processing fees. There are many people and cost involved in processing your order and then in stopping and refunding your order and charge. We only charge 8% as a courtesy, our actual costs are substantially higher.
If item is canceled after being paid & shipped and item is not accepted there is a shipping charge both directions and $15.00 service/restocking fee for tables and $10.00 for boots 10% for other items. If your table is shipped and you refuse the shipment we are charged by UPS shipping BOTH directions.
Shipping weight EP-550 inversion table 70 lbs. - EP-950 - 80 lbs.
Please understand - if you cannot use the inversion table after trying it and do want to return this item we will be happy to accommodate you. However, the shipping and processing costs for these items are quite expensive and the above fees we charge are an effort to cover our costs.
The Teeter Hang Ups F5000/F7000/F9000/EP-550/EP-950/GL9500 Inversion Tables and Gravity Boots come with a 5 year limited warranty.
We suggest if you must return your table you view the fees as if you rented the table for a month.

Please call if you have any questions or want to order (415) 474-3628 or (800) 570-0057
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