Hunan Genome Project
Five Year Plan to Map and Sequence the Estimated 100,000 Human Genes
September 30, 1994: Human genetic mapping goal achieved one year ahead of schedule.
Cost - $2.7 Billion
Within every human cell is an individual’s blueprint for life DNA.
DNA contains the master information that is needed to construct and maintain the human body.
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We are at the dawn of a new era in medical and nutritional science.
One company leads the way in applying genetic breakthroughs to consumer nutritional
supplements and skin care products. Take the guesswork out of your vitamin purchases.
15 years of research, 21 patents and patent-pending technologies.
Custom supplements based on specific markers in your DNA profile.
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Abundant in health enriching antioxidants and phytochemicals.
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Heal YfTargeted to Optimize & Support Health
Bone Health Heart Health
Eye Health Skin Health
Immune Health Joint Health
Lung Health Brain Health
Breast Health Tissue Health
Detoxification Oxidative Stress
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Some of the actual reports we are receiving from people who have been on the program a couple of months: Less food craving - weight loss - better sleep - hair loss has stopped - more energy...
We have had amazing reports of women's menopausal symptoms being dramatically helped.
A Marvelous Nutrition Program that can Change Your Life
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On a strictly DNA basis, humans are surprisingly alike. Despite our apparent differences, the DNA between any two
people is 99.1% identical. That 0.9% variation in DNA, however, is hugely important, accounting for most of our physical differences.
Small variations in DNA are called polymorphisms. Skin type is a common human polymorphism. Depending on the order in which the nucleotides in your DNA line up, you could have different skin. Some polymorphisms are so small they affect the order of just one pair of nucleotides. These are called single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs (pronounced “snips”). Scientists have identified about 1.4 million locations where single-base DNA differences occur in humans. This information is helping revolutionize the process of finding chromosomal locations for disease-associated sequences. Research also shows that we can measure SNPs and have the ability to impact the expression of our genes through proper nutritional support.
Gene SNP
With the mapping of the human genome completed, scientists now have the ability to identify small variations in the genetic code that can lead to diminished health and wellness. By identifying which of these variations (vulnerabilities) you have, it is possible for the first time to customize a targeted nutritional supplement regimen for your specific genotype.
The awesome feat of compiling the Book of Life was accomplished by technologies that spelled out the entire human DNA genome (made up of the chemical base pairs symbolized by the letters A,G,C and T). We can think of DNA as a string of 3 billion of these letters, in which the sequence of letters follows a precise order. If we compare the DNA sequence of any two people, we sometimes see variation in a letter. This letter variation is a SNP. For example, at a specific position along the string of DNA, one person may have the letter “A “ whereas another person may have the letter “T”. These variations (SNPs) occur, on average, once in every 2,000 letters of the DNA.
Pharmacogenetics: SNPs may explain why people react differently to different types or amounts of medicines. For example, patients can react differently to the same heart medication, such as a “beta-blocker.” Since SNPs can affect the structure and function of proteins and enzymes, they can influence how efficiently a medicine is absorbed and metabolized. A major goal of the pharmacogenetics industry is to use the science of SNPs to help determine which drugs are most suitable for any given patient.
Researcher Bruce Ames Ph.D., from the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at University of California, Berkeley wrote in his review article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences: Cancer Prevention and Diet: Help from Single Nucleotide Polymorphism:
“…Understanding causality is the prerequisite for effective action. Causality can be established by combining epidemiology, a key tool for identifying major risk factors, with research on mechanism. It is becoming apparent that a better understanding of nutrition and nutrition-genetic interaction will be one important consequence of the genomic revolution.”
Nutragenetics and Dermagenetics are a combination of the sciences of genetics, nutrition and skin care that reveal personalized information regarding an individual’s status and provides the basis for selecting a dietary, nutritional and skin care program best suited to achieving the healthiest and longest life possible. Nutragenetics and Dermagenetics use SNP testing to identify areas of an individual’s genetic make-up that may be functioning less than optimally. u Nutragenetics and Dermagenetics can help guide individuals in choosing the optimal combination of nutrients and vitamins and topical active ingredients matched to their unique genetic make-up. For the first time, this revolutionary SNP science is making it possible to personalize and tailor health and skin care products. How is this done?
The Nutragenetic and Dermagenetic SNP assessments examine a variety of genes which are responsible for making proteins that play a very important role in our overall health. These include oxidative stress, heart and circulatory health, immune health, bone health, pulmary health, eye/vision health, defense against environmental pollutants, collagen breakdown, photoaging, skin slacking & wrinkling and mild irritation.
KEY POINT If the Nutragenetic and Dermagenetic SNP test predicts that you might not be as efficient as possible in any given health area, you may be able to do something about it. For every SNP tested, there are potentially compensating and enhancing nutrients that can put you on a better path toward optimal health.
KEY POINT Due to our busy lifestyles and environmental exposure, most people don’t have enough time in everyday life for 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables as well as a total skin care regime. It is logical then that most everyone should use a basic multivitamin and mineral formulation as well as base topical skin care formulation to cover the major areas of general nutrition and skin fitness, and add additional ingredients based upon your personal genetic SNP test results.
This means that now you can use a more scientific approach to being proactive and doing your best to prevent health challenges that might otherwise occur later in life. We all know that good nutrition can be important in helping prevent cancer, heart disease in defending against other diseases.
Again, Researcher Bruce Ames Ph.D., in Cancer Prevention and Diet: Help from Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, wrote:
“Optimizing micronutrient intake (through better diets, fortification of foods, or multivitamin-mineral pills) can have a major impact on public health at low cost. Other micronutrients are likely to be added to the list of those whose deficiency causes DNA damage in the coming years. Tuning-up human metabolism, which varies with genetic constitution and changes with age, is likely to be a major way to minimize DNA damage, improve health, and prolong healthy lifespan, and a drop of blood [a cheek swab] or a gene chip could be part of the way to accomplish this.” Further: “It is already apparent that there are many polymorphisms that influence risk in heart disease. Single nucleotide polymorphisms provide a powerful molecular tool for investigating the role of nutrition in human health and disease, and their integration into clinical, metabolic, and epidemiologic studies can contribute enormously to the definition of optimal diets.”
Take Age-Proofing to a Whole New Level
Genewize Nutrition
Now you can discover your predispositions for aging including cardiovascular, joint, lung and breast tissue health, immune health, brain and eye health, how well you detoxify pollutants as well as to discover what makes your skin age from oxidative damage, environmental stresses, irritation, collagen breakdown and photo-aging. After examining your DNA, GeneWize will create your personalized formula for nutritional supplements and skin repair serum with 100% active ingredients individually selected to enhance or diminish the biological processes causing you to age. You are the one and only you, and GeneWize is the one and only direct marketing company specializing in genetically customized nutritional and skin care formulas. When you're holding your GeneWize products, you can say without a doubt, "It's all about me! Made Exclusively for me!"
GeneWize Life Sciences is Shaping a New Healthcare Frontier
GeneWize is a wholly owned direct-selling subsidiary of a publically traded genetic biosciences company (GeneLink, Inc.) that uses DNA-based genetic tests as the basis for personalizing health, beauty, wellness products. GeneWize is passionately focused on delivering the promise of truly personalized health, beauty and wellness solutions. To us, this means creating innovative products and services that help people look better, feel better and live longer, healthier lives.
Genetic Variation and Personalized Health...One size does not fit all!
Hippocrates: Let your food be your medicine, your medicine be your food.
How many of us have a cabinet full of vitamines and still don't feel well?
How many of us are confused about what nutrients to take and in what dosage?
How many of us believe that nutritional soultions are out there but we haven't quite found them yet?
How many of us want to intelligently manage our nutritional programs and maximize our health potential?
How many of us feel frustrated because we put so much effort into health and still lack energy and don't feel our best?
How many of us try to improve the quality of our lives with preventative nutrition, but feel it is not working as well as it could?
How many of us want to achieve optimum health through lifestyle, age gracefully and reduce the need for medical interventions?
With GeneWize healthy aging is as close as your own DNA
Your Genetic Compass©
Millions of people are using dietary supplements and skincare products to help protect their health and to look and feel younger. Research shows most of us are simply guessing. We choose products that aren’t specific to our needs and wind up with too much of some ingredients and not enough of others. We often miss finding the key nutrients we really need and just waste our money in the process.
Never before in history has there been the opportunity to have a highly sophisticated, state of the
art nutritional supplement program designed specifically around your genetic strengths and weaknesses.
After you sign up you will receive a packet in the mail. Open your DNA Collection Kit and follow the instructions
Simply swab some skin cells from your left and right inner cheeks with the 2 swabs. Everything you need is included.
Let the swabs dry for a few minutes as directed, then place them in the enclosed envelopes and mail them back to our labs.
While we utilize the information from GeneLink’s DNA assessments to guide the customization of an individual formula, GeneWize is not a genetic testing lab or medical genetics company. The assessments we provide are designed to facilitate the educational use of genetic information to help guide personalized nutritional or skin care formulations.
We are not diagnosing disease.
We do not provide medical genetic tests.
We do not analyze genes that are typically used in routine clinical practice.
We are not performing clinical genetic testing or providing a clinical genetic laboratory report.
To insure confidentiality and privacy, all materials and results are bar coded with a unique ID number.
Your information is confidential and is NEVER shared with 3rd parties.
LifeMap Healthy Aging Assessment and Skin Aging Assessment
Once your test is analyzed, you get back your report—clearly showing you where you need minimal support, added support and maximum support. Your custom formula is then blended accordingly.
The GeneWize LifeMap Healthy Aging Assessment evaluates variations in 12 key genes that may inuence your health; specifically your genetic propensity for Oxidative stress; Environmental challenges; Cardiovascular health; Breast and lung tissue health; Detoxitication; Immune health; Neurological health; Pulmonary health; Eye/Vision health and bone health.
Your GeneWize LifeMap Skin Health Assessment evaluates variations in key skin aging genes that influence your predispositions for oxidative damage, environmental stresses, irritation, collagen breakdown and photo-aging. Within weeks of your simple 5-minute cheek swab, you'll receive your color-coded results with a complete explanation of both the genetic variations and the active ingredients that make up your custom blended health and/or skin formula. Your personal me™ formula is completely customized and "made exclusively" just for you. What do the colors mean?
GREEN MEANS: Optimum genetic function in this health area.
YELLOW MEANS: One disadvantaged SNP (variation) in this health area—added support in this area is recommended.
RED MEANS: Two disadvantaged SNPs (variations) in this health area—maximum support is recommended in this area.
To see more details of the Healthy Aging DNA Assessment - click here:
Please note: Don't let the details of the report concern you. The custom nutritional and skin care support program is designed entirely by GeneWize and it is not imperative that you study or understand your DNA analysis.
The LifeMap Nutrition™ System’s foundation is a formula that is unique to your genetic code. After a simple swab of your inner cheek and a confidential DNA analysis, your formula is created from over 500,000 possible combinations of ingredients.
Customized to Your Lifestyle Your DNA
Your DNA tells you a lot about what nutrition your body needs, but it doesn’t know your lifestyle. In the near future, you may choose supplements that help you lose weight, manage joint pain or give you extra energy. We allow you to add and modify your DNA-specific formula with your own choices of lifestyle boosts.
Single-Serving Solution
The LifeMap Nutrition System is custom formulated for you each month and delivered in a space-age packaging that has a low carbon footprint and keeps the product fresh. This single-serving solution means you won’t have multiple bottles and boxes even if you add an additional lifestyle boost to your formula. Plus you can take the product in capsules or break them and put them in your favorite beverage for your convenience. It couldn't be easier. One packet in the morning and one packet in the evening.
The LifeMap Nutrition™ System Has These Features:
Whole foods
Organic ingredients
5,000 to 9,000 ORAC units
Hundreds of phytochemicals
Significant antioxidant support
  Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing
Do I need to take my other supplements?
The LifeMap Nutrition™ System will in many cases replace most multivitamins you are taking and your formula is so rich in antioxidants, you may be able to replace those supplements too. Certain supplements may not be available in the LifeMap Nutrition™ System.
What will I feel after taking my LifeMap me Formula?
Since everyone’s body is different, you’ll likely receive unique benefits from your product. Some of the benefits you may notice and some you may not. Some of the most common benefits people report include:
Softer skin
Longer, deeper sleep
Stronger hair and nails
Ability to fall asleep faster
More energy during the day
You may or may not experience these same results. Your body is unique and so is your formula. It makes sense that your results will be unique too.
Environmentally Friendly, Socially Responsible Packaging
Recycled packaging
Resealable capsule pouch
Vegetable-based capsules
No plastic bottles or boxes
No animal products or testing
A Truely Impressive Abundance of
DNA Guided Healing Superfoods - click here
One of Many Health Areas Addressed by GeneWize - OXIDATIVE STRESS
Oxidative Stress Affects Every Organ System
We are exposed every moment of our lives to highly reactive and toxic molecules, called reactive oxygen species (ROS) that damage our bodies. From the moment we are conceived to the day we die, oxidation of critical proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and sugars occurs in every cell in our bodies. One strongly supported theory of aging (and of many age-related diseases) is that uncorrected oxidative events result in the deterioration of cellular function.
KEYPOINT Over time the accumulation of oxidative events harms cell machinery and DNA as well as damaging critical proteins and lipids. This creates sub-optimal function of organs, which leads to aging in general as well as to specific vulnerability to age-related diseases.
There are several sources of ROS. One such source of ROS occurs while burning sugar to generate energy. Indeed, it is estimated that 3 to 5% of all sugar that we consume is converted to ROS in our bodies. In other words, to live – we must burn – and this burning of sugar causes damage. Our immune system produces many ROS in the process of fighting and destroying pathogens. Free radicals are a normal part of our inner environment.
Lifestyle also affects our exposure to environmental agents that cause production of ROS. For example, cigarette smoke contains many substances that dramatically increase ROS and exposure to sunlight increases oxidation of the skin. On a daily basis we are inadvertently exposed to many environmental substances which increase oxidation in the body. The body’s defenses against oxidation and ROS include several important enzymes and proteins that increase the rate of beneficial chemical reactions. The major function of these antioxidant enzymes is to convert ROS to non-toxic substances.
One such enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD), when made in a less than optimal form has been linked to increased risk for macular degeneration, a condition in which the eye breaks down. In this case, the inability of ‘less than optimal SOD’ to completely neutralize ROS in the eye may expose our eyes, over time to, greater damage.
Other antioxidant enzymes as well as antioxidant vitamins and minerals are also associated with effective removal of ROS. Therefore, with a ‘less than optimal SOD’, it is possible to compensate with other antioxidants supplied through the diet. The effective functioning of an antioxidant defense system is critical to countering the aging process and for the prevention of related degenerative conditions. Indeed, in animal models, enhanced activity of many of these antioxidant enzymes is associated with increased life span.

Oxidative Stress - The only source of other important anti-oxidant compounds is from our diet or from supplementation or applications of topical skin care products. Many of these vitamins and active ingredients are antioxidants that play a critical role in the protection of the body from ROS. As essential vitamins and active ingredients, there is a need for a daily ingestion and topical application of these antioxidants to help maintain life and to protect the body from the effects of ROS. Therefore a minimal daily antioxidant intake is important to help counter the never-ending production of ROS.
KEYPOINT We may be able to help slow the aging process by increasing the intake and topical application of antioxidant vitamins and active ingredients? There are now numerous published reports showing that in animal models, supplementation of the diet and topical application of antioxidants, at levels higher (and usually many fold higher) than the recommended minimum daily intake and topical application of antioxidants, can slow aging of memory, skin aging and motor function and increase the life span.

The Essentials of Nutrition and Skin Repair

During DNA analysis time, we want you to start your healthy aging plan right away. So, to give you a headstart we have Essentials that contain the basics for healthy aging; the basics in nutrition—the equivalent of 8 servings of fruits and veggies plus Cat's Claw; all for your skin, the basics in nourishing, renewing and protecting your skin is contained in your basic Essentials interim serum.
Your Second Packet Will Include Your DNA Results and Custom Nutrients
After you've peeked into your genetic window and your LifeMap Healthy Aging DNA Assessment is complete, you will receive a custom blend of phytonutrients and rich antioxidants. These 3rd party clinically proven ingredients are targeted to optimize and support: bone and heart health, lung and breast tissue health, immune health, eye health, joint health, skin health, brain and cognitive health and your defense against pollutants.
LifeMap ME DNA Customized Skin Repair Serum
Our custom skin repair product is called "ME" for a reason. It's "Made Exclusively" for you and it's really all about YOU—your specific needs in areas like photo-aging, collagen breakdown, wrinkling, skin aging, mild irritation, and your ability to tolerate pollutants.
Whether you're a man, woman, young or old—these skin aging issues apply and having a customized solution to them that could make THE difference in helping you outsmart them.
  70% saw improvement in skin firmness
  70% saw reduction in visible lines & wrinkles
Genewize DNA Food
Your LifeMap Essentials™ formula is the cornerstone of the LifeMap Nutrition System and forms the ‘base foundation’ for every individually customized LifeMap Custom product.
LifeMap Essentials is as premium plant based formula, carefully designed to provide the “key essentials” of a proper diet and to help you prepare and maintain optimal nutritional support while you are awaiting the results of your LifeMap Healthy Aging DNA Assessment and your personal DNA-guided LifeMap Custom formula (Please note: the processing time for your DNA assessment & LifeMap Custom formula is about 4 to 8 weeks from the time you mail back your DNA collection kit).
It contains a generous selection of fruits and vegetable powders with the highest phytonutrient content along with important anti-aging “superfruit” extracts such as the Brazilian acai berry, the Himalayan goji berry and the Southeast Asian mangosteen. In addition, your Essentials formula also contains a comprehensive vitamin blend, flax seeds (a source of omega-3 fatty acids) and fructooligosaccharides – a natural prebiotic fiber that promotes enhanced intestinal health for optimal nutrient absorption.
For antioxidant protection, LifeMap Essentials contains over 7500 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units, the equivalent ORAC value of eight (8) servings of fruits and vegetables. For even extra antioxidant protection, we’ve added OxyPhyte® Ultra, a proprietary blend of antioxidant-rich apple, white tea and rosemary extracts which has proven bioavailability in human clinical studies. We have included Cat's Claw for its antioxidant, immune enhancing, and anti-viral activity..
A formula is custom blended to support your genetic vulnerabilities and optimize your gene function around immune health, bone and heart health, lung and breast tissue health, skin health and overall defense against environmental pollutants.
To see more of the nutrients in the LifeMap Essentials™ formula - click here:
The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) assay is a relatively simple but sensitive method suitable for quantifying the antioxidant capacity of a number of products. The ORAC method is unique in that it measures the degree to which a substance inhibits the action of free radicals and how long it takes to do so. These measurments are integrated into a single measurement called the ORAC Value.
Developed by scientists at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, The ORAC assay has already been extinsively used to measure the antioxidant capascity of a number of foods and nutritional products. The USDA has already established an ORAC database consisting of vegtables, fruits, grains, extracts, and other natural products which is available on their website (
The ORAC assay provides a much-needed system for us to help compare the antioxi capacity of our current diet to the ORAC intake recommedned by the USDA. The USDA recommends consuming a minimum of 3-5,000 ORAC units per day. Studies have shown that eating foods with high ORAC score can raise the antioxidasnt levels in the blood by 10-25%. The ORAC figure suggested by experts is around 5,000 units per day (in order to have a significant effect on plasma and tissue antioxidant levels). five to nine servings of brightly colored fruits and vegtables or dark greens will help achieve this level.
The average LifeMap custom nutritional formula contains approx 5,200 to 9000 ORAC units.
We are all born with genetic strengths and weaknesses. If we take care of
the weaknesses, the strengths will take care of themselves. Dr. Bernard Jensen
Genewize Nutrition
CoQ10 is a nutrient playing a critical role in cellular energy production in the power plant of our cells, the mitochondria. Since it was first isolated by Dr. Frederick Crane of Wisconsin in 1957, CoQ10 has been recognized as a key factor (Coenzyme) in the electron transport chain. Its name Ubiquinone comes from the fact its core molecular structure is that of a Qionone and that it is ubiquitous occuring in virtualy all mammalian tissues.
The powerful benefits of CoQ10 have been widely recognized. Initially in controlled trials of heart patients in Japan, positive effects on cardiac output and hypertension were noted. Subsequently hundreds of other scientific papers published around the world expanded the recognized benefits of CoQ10 to include its antioxident role, preventing damage to cell membranes by reactive chemicals called free radicals. Countering the effects of aging and stress on tissues with high energy requirements such as the heart, brain, kidney and immune system. Topical application is known to improve gum health and hastens tissue healing after peridontal surgery. Application of CoQ10 on skin helps mitigate the oxidative effects of sunlight, particularly UV rays, and environmental toxins, thus supporting skin health.
GeneWize Healthy Aging DNA Assessment for the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) in the NQ01 gene, also called the CoQ10 Reducatase gene, reveals that 25% of Americans of European descent, and 40% of Asians, have a limitation in their genetic ability to transform the Ubiquinone form of CoQ10 to its active reduce form of Ubiqinol.
It is important to note that CoQ10 has two forms: Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol. GeneWize LifeMap "Me" nutritional supplements and LifeMap "ME" skin repair serium are individually custom formulated with the form of CoQ10 that best matches your personal genetic makeup. Learn more about CoQ10 - click here:
You May Benefit from CoQ10 Supplementation if:
You are over 40
You are a vegan
You have diabetes
You avoid red meat
You are under stress
You have high blood pressure
You are an endurance exerciser
You suffer from congestive heart failure
You are on statins to reduce cholesterol
You are experiencing difficulty with memory
You immune system is stressed or comprimised
You are exposed to pollutants such as cigarette smoke   
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