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Sports Inversion

Can Improve
Your Golf Game

Golf Swing

To play your best golf game,
it takes good posture, strong abdominals, upper and lower back strength and overall flexibility. Teeter inversion tables offer a platform to gain these qualities through a daily, 5-20 minute program of inverted decompression.
Better Posture: Inversion helps realign the spine, creating a symmetrical axis for rotation. With improved posture, also comes improved balance, both of which contribute to a more accurate and consistent swing.
Upper and Lower Back Health:One-sided and rotational activities like golf can cause the body to overcompensate for the strong-side muscle groups, pulling the spine out of alignment. Inversion with movement helps correct misalignment caused by rotation of the shoulders, hips, and twisting of the lower back.
Flexibility: Muscle and joint stiffness can hinder the golfer’s stance and raise the risk of injury. Inversion is a nearly effortless activity that uses gravity to the body’s advantage—relieving tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and lower back. Inversion also helps to relieve compression fatigue, allowing the spine to elongate and the discs to re-hydrate, resulting in a more flexible spine.
Core Strength: Strong abdominals may help to prevent the back injuries that plague many golfers. Inverted sit-ups place no additional loads on the lower back and work your abs against gravity for the ultimate exercise.

“After using Teeter Hang Ups Inversion
Equipment, I have noticed an amazing change in my
flexibility, after only a few weeks of use. My golf game is much improved due to greater shoulder mobility. I whole-heartedly attest to the benefits of this product.”
Victor, Hawthorne Woods, IL

Henry Leier credits Teeter for improving his golf game.
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Please call if you have any questions or want to order (415) 474-3628 or (800) 570-0057
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