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What is the difference between the Teeter Hang Ups F5000 & the F5000-CV?
What is the Teeter Hang Ups F5000-CV
This is the F5000 with the CV Bar included. The CV Bar is a T shaped conversion bar that allows the F5000 or F7000 inversion table to be able to be used with Teeter Hang Ups Spyder Gravity Boots. To learn more click here: This combination is no longer produced.
If you choose to purchase the F5000-CV or the complete table & boot combination your table will include the standard instep locking system as well as the conversion bar. You will have the option to use your table with or without Gravity Boots. Some people use the standard instep lock at home and use their boots in the gym or on the road. Once you make the conversion to use the CV Bar & Gravity Boots the table can be converted back but it is not something you would want to do often.
If you are not sure whether to purchase the F5000/F7000 with Gravity Boots and CV Bar
Please click here:

For CV-Bar instillation instructions Please click here:

CV Bar

What is the difference between the Teeter Hang Ups F5000 & the F5000III?
The F5000III is No longer Produced
The F5000III is an earlier version of the F5000 that was discontinued in the year 2000.  Although the F5000III is no longer produced, the name shows up on literature and other places because the table was produced for many years. The current version of the F5000 has been upgraded substantially since the days of the F5000III. The current version boasts thicker steel tubing and meets the specifications for UL 2601-1, which requires a 400% safety factor. There are also a number of other features that have been upgraded to improve user-friendliness and quality. We hope this clears up any question about the name.
What about the Teeter Hang Ups F7000 & the F9000?
See Below

Inversion Table
If you are considering purchaseing an inversion table from TV DON'T BE FOOLED BY DISCOUNTED PRICES THAT ADD SHIPPING, TAX AND OTHER FEES. FOR EXAMPLE HSN ADVERTISES THEY SELL FOR $299.00, HOWEVER AFTER TAX AND SHIPPING YOU WILL PAY ABOUT $350.00 and you will not receive the "Back Better Body" book - WE HAVE THE BEST PRICE ON THE INTERNET WITH NO TRICKS, quick shipping, an added gift and personal attention to your order and any questions or problems you may have.
What is the Teeter Hang Ups F8000? The Teeter F8000 is what is sold on the Home Shopping Network. It has a tapered bed frame and comes with the Over EZ Training handles. Often seen on TV is Roger Teeter demonstrating the Teeter Hang Ups F8000 Inversion Table. It is our opinion that the Traction Handles which can be seen on the Teeter Hang Ups F7000 Inversion Table are a better option than the Over EZ Training handles.


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