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Scoliosis Exercises

A person with scoliosis has an S-shaped spine when viewed from the back. This condition affects approximately four children out of every 1,000, and scoliosis rarely develops in adults. The condition is often painless, but requires periodic monitoring to ensure the spine is not rotating, which can lead to more serious symptoms such as chronic back pain and difficulty breathing.

If left untreated, scoliosis can worsen over time from the pressure and continued use of the back in daily activities. Gravity can cause the spine to buckle under the added load of off-balance distribution and the curve can worsen as you become older. Fortunately, several exercises have been discovered to help people diagnosed with scoliosis. When performed regularly, these specific exercises can strengthen your muscles, increase the stability of your back, improve your flexibility and correct a muscle imbalance. Performing these exercises in conjunction with inversion therapy can produce even greater results.

Inversion therapy can be performed in the home with the use of an inversion table. Regular use aids in stretching the back and relieving the S-compression which occurs as a result of scoliosis. Children who use inversion therapy during their development can actually minimize scoliosis. Additionally, your health insurance may cover the cost of your inversion table.

Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables are arguably the best inversion therapy products available since entering the market in 1981. These tables have undergone extensive testing and are certified for safety well beyond minimum requirements. Order your Teeter Hang Ups from and you'll receive free shipping, a free instructional video and guidebook, a five-year factory warranty and a free pair of Bongers massage tools.

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