I Have a Herniated Disc - Does Inversion Help?

This is probably the most frequently asked question about inversion therapy. Most people who ask it are suffering from some form of compressed disc condition along with sciatic nerve impingement. Inversion tables for home use first became available in 1980. Our company has worked with hundreds of doctors and thousands of pain suffers since that time. Most of the people who have purchased inversion tables do so because of sciatica. Ever since we started in this field we have offered an easy return policy if a customer was not satisfied with results. Returns are less than 1/4 of one percent (less than one table returned per 400 sold). This is an extraordinarily low return rate. Usually returns are at the direction of a person's physician. Usually the person has not ever tried the table and their doctor is not well informed about inversion. The doctor may believe inversion therapy involves hanging upside down. They often are trying to give good advise but do not understand people can use the tables at very mild angles where any risk of side effects are reduced to near zero. Doctors also do not understand that since inversion table have been available to the home market starting in 1980 practically the only side effect we have seen is pulled muscles from people overdoing the angle of inversion, see Suggestions For Getting Started. We appreciate doctors trying to protect their patients. However, in their effort to be cautious doctors are often leading their patients down a road of drugs (and addiction), surgery and misery. And how doctors can advise their patients to go ahead with terribly invasive and dangerous surgeries without trying something as simple and safe as inversion therapy never ceases to amaze us. Especially considering that for thousands of years physicians advised traction for back and neck problems. If the medical profession advised traction for back and neck problems for thousands of years why do they tend to ignore it in the 21st Century? Most of these back and neck issues are a mechanical problem and inversion therapy is a mechanical solution. We feel that by any objective standard sending a person into the heavy use of narcotics or into a risky, dangerous and expensive back or neck surgery without trying something as simple, safe and time tested as inversion therapy (or another form of traction) is MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. The simple reason it is not MEDICAL MALPRACTICE is that it is the standard in the medical industry to do this. Thus it is accepted practice and not open to scrutiny. Perhaps physicians sometimes need to be reminded of their own motto "First do no harm."

The feedback we get from customers is truly amazing. Yes this is anecdotal evidence which scientists say is not to be relied upon. But when you hear a very high percentage of consistently positive stories since 1980, it is something that cannot be ignored. As well, every research study that we know of that has ever been done has shown positive results. To give a simple answer to the question yes inversion therapy works magnificently if used slowly, cautiously and for the correct reason.
If the cause and diagnosis is correct that the problem is disc compression we believe there is not a better therapy in the world. If there is we would like to see it. After pain is relieved the person trying to help themselves needs to do some strengthening and balancing exercises examples of which can be seen here. When we say for the proper cause and diagnosis we mean that in some cases back pain is a symptom of a serious medical problem such as a kidney tumor for example that has been misdiagnosed. Even medical doctors sometimes make this mistake.

When working with a well know Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon who used inversion therapy extensively in his practice to help his patients recover without the need of surgery we interacted with many many patients who had tried virtually everything without pain relief until they came to this doctor and started inversion therapy. Also in having two inversion therapy equipment stores in the Los Angeles area in the early 1980's we had a chance to meet face to face with literally thousands of people suffering from back pain. One person that stands out is a well known entertainment attorney. He told us he was losing his practice because he could not get of bed. We delivered an inversion table to his beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills with a view that reached all the way to the ocean. It took two people to help him out of bed and onto the inversion table. About ten days later he came bounding into our showroom to purchase another table for his cabin in the mountains. He said the table had given him his life back. We have heard stories like this from countless people and the percentage of those that are benefited is very very high.

When we hear stories of all the people who are addicted to drugs like Oxycontin because of back pain we really wish they had the opportunity to try inversion therapy to help relieve their condition.

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